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Barton Harvey Associates Ltd are a UK Registered Ltd Company, company registration number 08177947. Our registered office address is The Meridian, 4 Copthall House, Station Square, Coventry,CV1 2FL.

Working as a new company set up to work in association with the manufacturer of the Space Scooter. The core strategy of the enterprise is to build a powerful brand with its superior products and quality service. For us the customers experience of the Space Scooter is of the utmost importance.

In Europe the Space Scooter has already started to gain a market presence. Spain, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Australia all have the Space Scooter. And now we have been lucky enough to be given the privilege of bringing the Space Scooter to the UK.

Why Space Scooter?

The XLD Space Scooter X580 is a high end recreation and sports scooter with a new design, exquisite workmanship and excellent qualityThe Space Scooter is the evolution between the traditional kick scooter and the more advanced and enjoyable rocking scooter giving the user the best of both worlds. For short distances and urban travel the space scooter is perfect for your transportation needs

Our Objective is the fun factor.

Easy to learn the Space Scooter offers a great experience. Your child will be exercising and keeping fit and not know it, exercise in disguise as the saying goes. Whether you want your children to just enjoy the outdoors, play in the park, take a trip to the shops, or just burn a few calories the Space Scooter is ideal.

In this day and age of video games computers and the Internet, children of all ages are less physically fit than ever before. Those of us who grew up playing outside will recall the great fun we used to have. We must all recall with fondness of riding scooters and bikes on a regular basis, the chopper being one of my favourites. Our belief is that the Space Scooter is such an iconic Scooter that it will be ingrained on the memories of your children forever and give them the same memories that we all enjoy. The goal of our company is that we hope the Space Scooter will help you children enjoy being outside and increase their overall health through fun and physical activity.