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About The X580 Space Scooter

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Our product is the XLD Space Scooter X580.

The Space Scooter is designed for easy storage and carriage. With a weight of only 8.5kg the Space Scooter can easily be put in the boot of a car for those days out or folded to carry on a train or bus for commuters to be used before and after for speedy onwards travel.

Space Scooter ukThe Space Scooter is driven by manpower when the rocking board is moved backwards and forwards. It can also be used in the traditional way with one foot pushing on the ground.

The Space Scooter with its light and semi-automatic folding system has a beautiful design and with its concept of energy-saving that is also environmentally friendly. It will not only be a multi-functional toy much loved by children for play and recreational use but can also be used by older people up to the maximum weight of 75kg for exercise, short-distance travelling, etc.

With so many unique characteristics the XLD Space Scooter X580 will soon become the new trendsetter for the recreational scene. To Order Your X580 Space Scooter Now Click Here